I bought a car cylinder “as spare item” of your production having capacity of 42 liters. At refueling station I have filled 46 liters !!! How is this possible!?

Good afternoon! The working capacity of the cylinder is 80% of its nominal value, in your case, it is 33.6 l. After reaching this quantity the cut-off valve should operate on the multi-valve and on the fuel-dispenser unit. In winter, due to the reduction of propane vapor pressure, the pressure can be achieved at a slightly larger volume of gas … But filling the cylinder of the 42 l capacity by 46 l of gas is not possible. Apparently, you are faced with unfair autogas filling station.
TIP: contact customer service to adjust the cut-off multi-valve e at the 80% filling of the cylinder from its nominal capacity.


Hello! There is no passport for cylinder of 50 l manufactured by LLC “Harpromteсh”. Why so?

Good afternoon! In accordance with the “Rules for Design and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels pressure” (NPAOP 0.00-1.59-87, p.10.1.3 *), passports are provided with cylinders of more than 100 l capacity. All the necessary information about your cylinder is place on the plate welded to the body.

3. Question:

Good afternoon! I want to buy an air receiver of 900-1000 l capacity Pressure is of 10 atmospheres. Do I need to register it in the boiler inspection?

Good afternoon! Vessels of capacity up to 1m3 to belong to vessels of Group 4 operating at temperatures above 200 °C, in doing so, the product of pressure in MPa (kgf /cm2) for capacity in m3 (liters) does not exceed 1.0 (10000) and is not liable to compulsory registration in the state bodies of state technical supervision on the basis of “”Rules for Design and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels pressure (NPAOP 0.00-1.59-87, clause 6.2.2 *), i.e. Receiver of the 900-1000 liter capacity at pressure of 10 atmospheres is not subject to mandatory registration with the state technical supervision authorities.


Required is receiver V = 5m3.. I want to get away from registration in the boiler inspection. If I buy 5-6 pieces, of 900 liter capacity of your production? Working pressure is 8 atmospheres. I have the area for the location of receivers. How do I connect them to each other?

Good afternoon! Receiver of the 900 l capacity at working pressure of 8 atmospheres is not subject to state registration bodies of technical supervision (NPAOP 0.00-1.59-87, clause 6.2.2 *). Receivers can be combined by using flexible pipelines with cross-section of not less than the cross-sections of consumable connections (flanges) and a working pressure of not less than the receiver working pressure.


Hello! We need a receiver. It will be outdoors, there is no place in the shop. In the winter it is cold! What do you advise? Will not metal not crack ?

Good afternoon! LLC “Harpromteh” has the ability to produce receiver of steel 09G2S with the minimum allowable wall temperature from -40 to-70 °C (depending on the category) or stainless steels with operating temperatures from -253 ° towall to 610 °C.

6. Question:

We bought receiver of Harpromteh model PB 500.600-01. Passport for the receiver was lost. How should we do to make a duplicate?
Thank you in advance.

Good afternoon! We are able to make a passport duplicate. Please call on (050) 325 20 07 number and keep in touch with the sales department for more information.

7. Вопрос:

For the food industry we need a receiver of 600 mm in diameter and a pressure of 1 MPa manufactured of stainless steel with a smooth interior surface. Can we buy it?

Good afternoon! Ltd. “Harpromtech” is able to produce stainless steel receiver of 600 mm in diameter and a pressure of 1 MPa with the polishing of the inner welding seams or the entire inner surface.


Hello! Our design office has developed receiver drawings, which must be installed in the existing process line. Can you make the receiver?

Good afternoon! “Harpromteh” Ltd. has the ability to produce a receiver according to Customer’s drawings, after analyzing them for compliance with the applicable standards. In case of non- compliance, we can offer you to make the adjustment of the project according to your wishes.

9. Question:

Is it possible to install receivers with a capacity of 500 and 900 liters in a production room, what is required for this?

The answer to your question can be found in Section N 6 of the NPAIP 0.00-1.59-87, “Rules for the Arrangement and Safety of the Operation of Pressure Vessels.”