Design and Technology Bureau, ensuring the company and third-party industrial plants production processes engineering support is created on the plant base. Fast and quality work is achieved due highly qualified personnel presence and equipped with modern and advanced tools.


    The plant carries out a wide range of mechanical works: turning, milling, drilling, horizontal boring, cylindrical grinding, grooving, universally-grinding and grinding- polishing works. Such a range of options allows you to produce a wide range of products with different technological complexity.
    Works of this type are carried out by hydraulic and crank presses with possible press power to 315 tons, which allows to manufacture wide range of sheet-metal forming characterized by the variety of processes and tools, and serves as a good base for development.
    “Harpromtech” LLC Plant uses argon arc welding (TIG), semi-automatic and automatic gas-shielded consumable electrode welding (MIG/MAG), as well as manual arc welding (MMA). Welding is carried out on the lines, completed with «FRONIUS» company equipment. There are used «ELME MESSER GAAS» welding gases.

For manufacture of pressure vessels there are designed and implemented special stand allowing high-quality welds.

Workers pass periodic certification according to DNAOP 0.00-1.16-96 and are approved for welding of vessels working under pressure, for construction of bearing and protecting structures. Certified head in charge performs manual welding control. Specialists, certified for non-destructive measurement of visual, capillary and ultrasonic testing conduct control of welded joints.

Production is provided with areas, allowing to produce non-standard and oversized items in a quality manner and in time.

    Our production is equipped with necessary equipment for thermal processing of low carbon steels by thermal action in order to change their structure and properties in a given direction. Such a process allows saving original shape of the product to relieve tension and restore plasticity after deformation. After heat treatment, the product may be subjected to a new cycle of deformation or cyclic loading. This property is very important for the metal products under pressure.
    Trained specialists test each pressure vessel, manufactured in production with test pressure on specialized stands.
    Area of powder coating is completed with modern equipment: sputtering chambers and curing ovens. During products coating there is used high-quality powder paint in various colours according to RAL and texture.
    The paint is applied after preliminary surface treatment that increases the adhesion and prevents corrosion under the paint layer.
    Our company has introduced the quality management system developed in accordance with the requirements of State Standard ISO 9001. We continuously conduct an internal audit of the quality system by certified specialists in accordance with the requirements of ISO 19011: 2011.