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Wholesale of CGE cylinder from KharPromTeh

The Kharkov plant of industrial technologies is engaged in the production of products working under the pressure. This is the leading machine-building enterprise in the territory of Ukraine in this field. One of the production directions is the CGE cylinders.KharPromTeh pays the especial attention to the quality of its products, that is why the cylinders of KharPromTeh are the best alternative from the domestic manufacturer in the territory of Ukraine. Our fellow countrymen are already like Kharkov gas cylinders KharPromTeh for compressed gas equipment, as the optimum price-quality ration is in the golden mean, when it is the gas cylinder KharPromTeh. But not only the Ukrainian drivers have already evaluated all the advantages of the KharPromTeh products, drivers abroad also agree that the Kharkov plant of industrial technologies is the fairly worthy competitor to the European manufacturers. The regions of the presence of the products of the plant: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany.

You can buy the cylinder Kharpormteh at our official dealers. Currently, the plant sales its products only through their mediation, not working with other buyers. However, you can buy the products of the plant at dealers at the price of the manufacturer both wholesale and retail. You can find the list of our official dealers and their contact details here.

Cylinder for the compressed gas equipment, cylindrycal and toroidal from KharPromTech

To choose the products of the Kharkov plant of industrial technologies means not only to support the domestic manufacturer, bul also to choose the product of the highest quality with long term of operation. The term of operation of items makes up 2.5 thousand filling cycles or 12 years in average.

KharPromtech makes cylindrical cylinders for compressed gas equipment of horizontal and vertical storage, and toroidal cylinders with the external and internal flange. Each item was made according to GOST 2156, which require that products should be made of carbon steel. On the basis of the plant, the design office was founded, which is engaged in the calculations of the strength of each product. Testing under pressure – the obligatory stage of the production. For this, the enterprise is equipped with the special stands, a the testing itself is performed by the experienced masters undergone the professional training. The wall thickness of the product is more than 3 mm, which is indicative: the products of the European production not always can boast with such parameters. The strength of the welding connections is the highest, because the welding is performed in the protective gas atmosphere. The application of the anti-corrosion coating and special paint is the final step in the production, which make the product resistant to the rust and creates the reliable production of the external surface.

There is the extensive dimension grid of volumes and sizes of each type of the cylinder. Automobile cylinder of KharPromTeh 50 l is the leader of sales. The possible volumes and sizes you can see at the page of the relevant category. Our contact details can be found here.