Autogas LPG cylinder tanks

An automobile LPG cylinder tanks  for liquefied hydrocarbon gases (propane-butane) with operating pressure of 1.6 MPa



The LPG cylinder tanks is made of carbon steel St3ps according to DSTU 2651. At the customer`s request, LPG cylinder tanks can be manufactured from other steel grades, recommended by NLALP 0.00-1.59.



  • The LPG cylinder tanks is equipped with a discharge and filling flange.



The LPG cylinder tanks is made in accordance with the requirements of State Standards, our specifications based on design documentation according to the wishes of the customer.

For each LPG cylinder tanks, strength calculation is performed according to applicable standards.

The design of the balloonis provided the minimum increase (corrosion allowance) to the wall thickness of 0.4 mm that allows more long-term operation.

The LPG cylinder tanks destruction occurs at a pressure not lower than 6.75 MPa.

The assembly is made on specially manufactured stands.

The welded joints are performed by arc welding under protective gas.



The inner surface and the weld seams are in a natural state, pure, dry, and unpainted.

Outside corrosion-resistant coating is a powder coat paint based on epoxy resins; it is applied for 5 minutes after pre-treatment which increases the adhesion and prevents corrosion under the paint layer.



  • Input control of materials;
  • Visual control;
  • Control of geometrical characteristics;
  • Radiographic and ultrasonic testing of welded joints;
  • Testing of the strength by the hydraulic pressure of 3.0 MPa;
  • Leak test by pneumatic pressure of 1.6 MPa with immersion in a bath;
  • Control of paint coatings.

The horizontal cylinder: high quality from the domestic manufacturer

Being specialized on items, which work under pressure, the Kharkov plant of industrial technologies produces gas cylinders. Kharpromteh manufactures the propane cylinder of the highest quality. Its term of operation not less than 12 years, or 2.5 thousands filling cycles. Each item is made relative to the strength calculations. These calculations are performed by the design office, which is founded and functions on the plant basis. The finished item is subject to the testing under the pressure on the specially equipped stands. The testing is performed by the leading specialist of the plant. The propane cylinder is manufactured according to the standard GOST 2651 of carbon steel. The wall thickness exceeds 3mm, which is even more than some goods of European manufacturers. The welding is performed in the protective gas, and due to this treatment the welded connections have the especial strength. The surface is protected with the special paint and anti-corrosion coating.

Wholesale of propane cylinders

You can buy the cylinder for the compressed gas equipment from the Kharkov plant of industrial techologies at our official dealers. You can buy the cylinder of Kharpromteh at them at the price of the manufacturer – without the dealer price markup. You can buy our goods at the official dealers both wholesale and retail. Currently, the plant is not working with the buyers directly. The contact details of the official dealers of the Kharkov plant of the industrial technologies can be found here. To buy the cylinder for the compressed gas equipment is the worthy choice of the high quality product at the affordable price, and it is also the support of the domestic manufacturer. The high-quality products of the Kharkov plant are already evaluated not only by the residents of the our country. The regions of the presence of the products of Kharpromteh: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany.


Material The balloon is made of carbon steel St3ps according to DSTU 2651. At the customer`s request, balloon can be manufactured from other steel grades, recommended by NLALP 0.00-1.59
Equipment The balloon is equipped with a discharge and filling flange
Operating position Horizontal
Form of shell Cylindrical
Form of bottoms Elliptical


Outside diameter, mm Full capacity, l Service capacity, l Height, mm Wall thickness, mm Weight, kg
224 20 16 580 3 12,0
25 20 710 13,8
30 24 850 16,3
246 20 16 485 3 11,2
25 20 596 13,3
30 24 710 15,4
35 28 822 17,5
40 32 930 19,2
50 40 1150 23,0
300 30 24 506 3 14,1
35 28 581 16,1
40 32 651 17,1
50 40 801 20,3
60 48 950 23,5
65 52 1022 25,1
376 50 40 545 3 18,8
65 52 680 22,5
76 60,8 778 26,5
90 72 910 30,2
100 80 1004 32,8
376 110 88 1100 4 43,3
130 104 1290 48,3
150 120 1470 55,5
406 130 104 1124 4 48,8
150 120 1284 55,5
180 144 1518 64,4
457 150 120 1028 4 52,0
180 144 1218 60,5
200 160 1344 66