Vertical steel air receivers

A steel welded air receivers for concentration of compressed air with maximal operating pressure of 1.0 MPa



Depending on the temperature modes, the requirements for the coating and the specific needs, the air receivers can be made from the following steels grades:

  • Mild steel – according to DSTU 2651 (GOST 380);
  • Quality steel – according to GOST 5520;
  • High grade corrosion-resistant steel – according to GOST 5632.



Depending on the specific requirements and taking into account the standard documentation, on the air receivers such components may be positioned as:

  • Valve seats of different diameters with internal or external threads according to international standards;
  • Standard flanges as per GOST 12820 and non-standard ones according to customer drawings;
  • Hatches and access covers of circular and elliptical shapes as per the requirement NLALP 0.0-1.59.


The air receivers is made in accordance with the requirements of State Standards, our specifications based on design documentation according to the wishes of the customer.

For each air receivers, strength calculation is performed according to applicable standards.

The design of the air receivers is provided the minimum increase (corrosion allowance) to the wall thickness of 0.75 mm that allows more long-term operation.

The assembly is made on specially manufactured stands.

The welded joints are performed by arc welding under protective gas.



The inner surface and the weld seams are in a natural state, pure, dry, and unpainted. In the air receivers, optional inner surface can be painted according to the wishes of the customer.

At the request of the customer, the surfaces of the air receivers made of stainless steel grades can be ground or polished.

Outside corrosion-resistant coating is a powder coat paint based on epoxy resins; it is applied for 5 minutes after pre-treatment, which increases the adhesion and prevents corrosion under the paint layer.



  • Input control of materials;
  • Visual control;
  • Control of geometrical characteristics;
  • Radiographic and ultrasonic testing of welded joints;
  • Testing of the strength by the hydraulic pressure of 1.3 MPa or 1.4 MPa depending on the steel grades in accordance with NLALP 0.00-1.59;
  • Leak test by pneumatic pressure of 1.0 MPa with immersion in a bath;
  • Control of paint coatings.

Vertical compressed air air receivers tested

The Kharkov plant of industrial technologies is engaged in the production of vessels working under the pressure. They include the vertical air air receivers. The production of the equipment having the best quality is the main principle of the Kharpromteh plant. The vertical air receivers is designed to function under the high pressure, therefore the mandatory step in its production is the conduction of tests under the pressure. For this, the enterprise is equipped with the special stands, a the testing itself is performed by the experienced masters. But the production is started from the calculation of the strength of each vertical air air receivers. This task is performed by the design office on the basis of the Kharpromteh plant. The reliability of welded connections is ensured by the welding in the inert gas atmosphere. The production of air receiverss is performed based on the state standards in relation to the manufacture of the pressure vessels. Depending on the wishes of customers, the vertical compressed air air receiverss can be made of the following materials:

  • Low-carbon steel (GOST 2156)
  • Qualitative steel (GOST 5520)
  • Highly-qualitative corrosion-resistant steel (GOST 5632)

Kharkov plant of industrial technologies takes into account the wishes of customers, so the painting of the inner surface of the vertical air air receivers, and grinding and polishing of its surface is possible. Also, it is possible to produce vertical air air receiverss according to individual customer drawings provided to Kharpromteh.

Vertical air air receiverss wholesale from reliable dealers

You can buy the vertical air receiverss from Kharpormteh at our official dealers. You can buy products at them both wholesale and retail at the price of the manufacturer without the dealer price markup. Currently, the plan does not consider offers regarding the sale of its products by other entities. On our site you can find contacts of official dealers of the Kharkov plant of industrial technologies in the “Partners” section. KarPromTeh products have the best quality, therefore, they had been recognized not only in Ukraine. The regions of presence of products of the Kharkov plant of industrial technologies: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany.


Operating position Vertical
Form of shell Cylindrical
Form of bottoms Elliptical